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Open Container
July 17, 2022 | Open Container

Khachatryan Family Franchises Latest Masterpiece - Open Container Wine

The initiative offers the world’s first shipping container franchise as a wine and beverage bar.

/ -- The Khachatryan family is pleased to announce the launch of its most exciting initiative – franchises for Open Container Wine

TOC Franchise, LLC is a revolutionary Austin, Texas-based franchise company with a mission to change how business owners and wine servers run their operations. The company boasts 70 years of research, development, and experience in the wine industry and, in 2017, developed its latest idea to open the first shipping container wine and beverage bar in Orlando, Florida. Since then, Open Container Wine has launched an additional location in Orlando to rave reviews.

In the company’s latest news, however, Open Container Wine is announcing it will be awarding franchises in mid-2022 to lucky business owners in Florida, with unique opportunities in Miami. Each Open Container Wine will offer the company’s private labeled wines, made from hand-selected grapes from ancient varietal masterpieces, like Areni, Voskehat, and Kangoun from its estate vineyards in Armenia. Select wines including a wide variety such as California cabernet, Moscato, and sparkling wines. Additionally, franchises will offer frozen wine, suave cocktails, and craft beer – perfect for sunny Florida days.

“I believe that the energy and enthusiasm I naturally bring will always translate into a better product or service for my clients and customers,” says founder Haik Khachatryan. “I believe in the human spirit to evolve to become greater than before and believe in the American dream, as my parents did. I believe in entrepreneurship and want people to experience the same freedoms I continue to enjoy. I aim to build a successful product and company that will remain for many years for my family and extended franchise family. We do what we do because of Grandma Rosa’s foundation of caring for others, persistence in the toughest times, and hard work like your family's life depends on it.”

Open Container Wine franchises are the ultimate opportunity for a variety of entrepreneurs, including:
• Wine aficionados
• Those with previous management experience
• Business owners who can build a high-performing team
• Individuals who have worked in the food or customer service industry
• Those who demonstrate patience and understanding of business plans and operations
• People with a learning mindset

“Being part of Open Container is an active ownership,” Khachatryan states. “We are looking for active and dedicated investors or operating partners willing to grow and learn. The ideal franchisee will be open to learning accounting, team building, customer service, management, and leadership. An overall “learning mindset” will benefit anyone getting into the franchise game. Most importantly, the ideal franchise candidate must be materially invested in the success of the business operation. To generate profit and become sustainable, we are looking for the ideal franchise candidate willing to go above and beyond the usual open container methods, to drink outside the box!”

For more information about Open Container Wine or to become a franchisee, please visit

About Open Container Wine
Open Container aims to introduce different cultures through wine by making it more accessible with no dress codes or formalities. The purpose of Open Container is not only aimed to sell wine but to introduce a whole new diverse experience to different cultures around the world. Containers provided by Open Container are created to last 30+ years. Custom fabricated and built-in two factories located in Armenia and Florida – a process that takes roughly two months to construct and a month and a half to be transported and delivered.

TOC Franchise, LLC
+1 512-595-1478

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