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Celebrate your life accomplishments, happy moments, corporate events and bachelorette parties with Open Container! Contact us for more information about hosting your next event.

“Many companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500s, treat employees to an entertaining and educational guided wine tasting experience with our sommeliers. Hotels and property managers offer this experience to their residents to break the ice with their neighbors, create UNFORGETTABLE moments and build community.

If you prefer to have a sommelier to guide you and your guests on a fantastic wine adventure or build a community for your residences, let us take all the work off your shoulders and create an unforgettable experience. All our sommeliers are tested for public speaking, certified with the top sommelier education bodies, and live here right in Orlando! Call us at +1 ‪689-263-2252 or write to  for more information.

What We Offer


Selecting the Wines

  • It's best to have five different wines for a tasting: two whites, two reds, and sweet wine. Guests should taste wines side-by-side to appreciate the contrast in flavors.
  • Accordingly, we provide two wine glasses for each guest.
  • One bottle per wine is enough for up to 12 guests. For 5-6 different wines, that means 5-6 bottles. (We constantly adjust accordingly)
  • When selecting specific wines to offer your guests, we draw from crucial classic wine regions and unique ancient world wines; we keep them diverse.
  • We take care of all logistics and setup.
  • We are always mindful that your guests do not drink too much or drink and drive by, encouraging the use of pouring buckets, providing plenty of water, and winding down the tasting component well before the gathering ends.

Different Themes

Setting a theme for your tasting and announcing it in advance can build excitement and get your guests into the right mood for the tasting. Perhaps:

Key Grapes from Around the World

  • Wines rated 95 and above
  • Wines of Italy
  • A Night in Tuscany
  • Old World vs. New World
  • Italy vs. France
  • France vs. California
  • Exploring the Southern Hemisphere
  • Wine & Food Pairing (serve a heavy appetizer with each wine)
  • Vintage wines that match the anniversary.

Food Pairing Considerations

  • We have a Sip & Sweets tasting, wine, and dessert pairing. (For those with a sweet tooth)
  • Soul mates cheese & wine pairing. Cheese, charcuterie, honey, and chocolate tastings complement the wine selections.
  • Connoisseur tasting ( the most refined wines)
  • Guided cigar and port pairing, to name a few.
We can choose between a casual walk-around approach with tasting stations, a casual sit-down with wine & cheese, or a more focused dinner event. 

Recommended Wine Budget

  • Plan to spend between $30 and $125 per guest for quality wines.
  • Our typical recommendation for an impressive tasting is $50 per guest.