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“I believe that the energy and enthusiasm I naturally bring is always going to translate into a better
product or service for my clients and customers. I believe in the human spirit to evolve to become
something better than it once was. I believe in the American dream as my parents did. I believe in
entrepreneurship, I want people to experience the same freedoms I continue to enjoy. My aim is to
build a successful product and company that will remain for many years to come for my family and
extended franchise family.”
- Haik Khachatryan


Open Container is led by wine and franchising experts with many years of expertise in building brands and supporting franchisees. We opened our first brick and mortar location in 2010 with a 700sq location in Myrtle Beach, SC then grew to 4 locations in 6 years and are now in this business for more than a decade. Moreover, the idea of open containers was inspired by the street food concept, hence, Open Container = Street Wine.

Do you wish to have your own legacy through Open Container and serve the world’s finest wine? Wherever you are, now you can introduce a fun and dynamic approach in your community by having your own Open Container franchise that’s been proven to be trendy,  sustainable, and buzz-worthy.

Advantages of owning an Open Container

  • Owners are able to have a temporary or permanent revenue driver 
  • Your business can be up and running in approximately 5 months   
  • Setting up a container is cost efficient and cheaper than building brick and mortar restaurant or a retail solution
  • Encourages economic revival since you can install it in multiple locations which will make wine accessible and reachable in areas with no wine bars. 
  • Standing out from the competition: by offering handpicked private label wines only found at Open Container handmade by our winemakers from all over the world
  • Suitable for destinations that are hard to reach 

Full support & Business assistance

Fast Paced Growth

High Margins

Extreme Fun & Lots of Wine

1• 100% corten steel shipping container
2• 36 ft of hand-made pure Walnut wood bar trim from Artsakh region
3• Travertine stone stacked wall
4• Walnut wood shelves
5• Frosty factory double cylinder frozen drink machine x 2
6• 42 inch waterproof TVs for menus and marketing content x 2
7• UV proof artificial plant wall
8• Stainless steel polished foot rails
9• Single wine light pendant 12’’x 6
10• 3 bottle light fixture x 3
11• 4x7x7,5 ft walk in cooler built in |
12• Corian solid surface countertops
13• Bolt on slide door wooden storage cabinets
14• 4 tap draft beer tower
15• 6 ft Stainless steel and copper sign with 12” letters
16• Custom made 9 ft solid Oak wood sign with stainless steel trim